Each person is designed with a spiritual part of their overall make-up.  While the spiritual dimension is universal, the way your spiritual person is developed and interwoven throughout your life is as unique as your fingerprint. 

Your spirituality is essential in the healing process.  However, is not a requirement for counseling.  It is your decision whether or not to incorporate spirituality in your counseling experience.

Spiritual Counseling includes:

  • Safe space to explore how your spirituality interconnects within your challenges and treatment
  • Safe space to explore your own questions regarding your spiritual beliefs
  • Spiritual conversations at your pace.  You are the lead and determine how you want spiritual conversations to look.

Spiritual Counseling does not include:

  • Shaming comments regarding spiritual confusion or emotions
  • Judgment of thoughts, feelings or actions regarding spiritual matters you have discussed
  • Pressure to look at the world spiritually like the counselor does personally

Christian Counseling is a specialty that can be requested.

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