RESET: A therapeutic reboot for an overactive stress response.

Reset is a combination of physiological techniques aimed at calming an overactive sympathetic nervous system.

Our body has an entire crisis response system to aid us when we perceive trouble. Generally, we face a stressor, react, and our body returns to normal functioning when the stress has passed. Sometimes, however, the perceived trouble does not go away and our body stays in crisis response mode for a duration of time.

Maintaining a physiological crisis state over time not only impacts the proper functioning of the brain, nervous system, immune system, digestion, skin and hormones, it also interferes with our psychological and emotional responses.* (*  We may find ourselves experiencing fight, flight, or freeze reactions to every day nonthreatening events.

Reset's therapeutic combination stimulates the calming biological processes while incorporating psychological and emotional regulation techniques.

How is Reset set up?
Reset is designed to be a six-week period designated to rebooting our stress responses. There will be six 30-minute appointments facilitating a progression of calming techniques followed by daily personal exercises.

What techniques are used?
Bilateral stimulation (the alternating stimulation of the right and left hemisphere), Biofeedback (influencing cognitive & emotional processes through the feedback from involuntary functions, such as heart rate), Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Vegas Nerve Stimulating Breathing Techniques, Grounding, and Meditation.

Is it natural?
Yes. All of the techniques used stimulate the natural processes of the brain and body.

Is Reset counseling?
Reset is designed to specifically focus on calming responses and giving the nervous system a reboot. While some items may be discussed in relation to stressful reactions, it is not designed to be a place to explore and resolve current or past stress.

Are there contraindications?
Reset is not a service for acute psychiatric emergencies.

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