We all desire and strive to enjoy the relationships we share a home with. 

Family counseling can be with any members of a family, including couples, parents and children or teens, adult siblings and parents, co-parenting, etc.

When working with families, appointments will be held individually and as a group.  This way everyone’s perspective can be voiced and considered when looking at the big picture of family challenges and desires.  Play therapy techniques are used when counseling children to assist with expressing thoughts, feelings, and the resolution of conflicts.

Families face all types of situations.  Counseling topics can include crisis, marriage, parenting, blending, divorce, co-parenting, death or loss, and everything in between.

Family Strengthening Keys that we will incorporate in our counseling:

  • Family Vision
  • Relational & Emotional Safety
  • Flexibility & Adaptability in Transitions
  • Love & Care
  • Roles and How we Fit in the Team
  • Family Values
  • ProblemSolving & Team Work
  • Communication   


Counseling Services

Free Consultation

Enjoy an opportunity to connect before jumping into counseling. In this 15-minute phone consultation, you have the opportunity to speak with a counselor, ask questions, and discuss how counseling works.