Even the best of days are difficult when you and your partner can't seem to work as a team. 

Couple Counseling can seem intimidating, especially when the fights circle around the same issues over and over. Or maybe there are no fights and it's difficult to even imagine where to begin.

Taking that step allows you both to partner with a Counselor who is an objective 3rd party and can provide practical strategies to improve understanding, communication, and connection.

When working with couples, counseling is treated from a holistic approach. This gives you and your partner the chance to look at the big picture of your relationship.

Some of the relationship components you can expect to cover in counseling: 
- Communication 
- Admiration
- Trust
- Commitment
- Intimacy
- Loneliness
- Gridlocked issues
- How you approach each other
- Comprimise 
- Repair 
- Emotional Flooding 

Counseling Services

Free Consultation

Enjoy an opportunity to connect before jumping into counseling. In this 15-minute phone consultation, you have the opportunity to speak with a counselor, ask questions, and discuss how counseling works.