It is so easy in our fast-paced day to become way too comfortable living under constant pressure. One way to detox our mind and spirit is to disconnect the external obligations from our internal pressure cooker.

  • Notice your internal reactions that increase your feeling pressured, for example a negative thought that is repeated
  • Identify the kickback or what your getting out of it. Often times if we participate in the negative feelings or thoughts, it gives us a sense of control in the moment.
  • Mentally disconnect the negativity from the reality.
  • Reinvest the mental energy into a positive.

For example:

Reality: I am running late.

Reactions: feeling pressured. Rehearse pressure internally by repeatedly looking at the time on the drive. Each time I look at the time, I think about what negative things can happen today as a result of me being late.

Kickback: I can't change the fact that I am running late, so I feel powerless. However, when I maintain the negative feelings and thoughts, I am actively doing something about being late, i.e., punishing myself.

Disconnect: Say out loud or mentally walk through: "I accept that I am late. My pressure does not make me on time. I am disconnecting pressure from being late so that I can focus on this podcast on the way to work."

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